CDM Compliance

We are industry leaders in event kitchen health and safety!

Recent changes to legislation have resulted in an increased focus on health and safety standards at events throughout the UK. These changes have been supported by the Events Industry Forum, the Concert Promoters Association, the AEV Catering Working Group, Thames Water, WaterSafe and the HSE.

We know that there is sometimes a pressure to focus on minimising costs during the installation of catering equipment or temporary kitchens, but can you afford to run the risk of spot fines due to unsafe practices, having your venue closed during your event, or even assume legal responsibility for a non-compliant venue that goes wrong?

Luckily, we are fully CDM Regulations compliant, so you know that we will fulfil all relevant health and safety requirements.

What's this CDM stuff all about?

The introduction of the new Construction Design Management (CDM) Regulations has resulted in a higher level of safety standards for the events industry, similar to those seen within the construction sector. Venue owners and event organisers will often see the legal liability for compliance falling to them as the main contractor, and unless managed carefully, will be responsible for any wrongdoings by subcontractors working on an event.

Event organisers, venues or caterers who fail to comply with CDM or other safety regulations may find that their insurers refuse to pay out if an accident occurs. This would leave potentially material costs with the event organiser, venue or caterer.

How can PKL help? PKL has supplied temporary catering facilities to large construction companies for many years and, as a result, we are fully compliant with CDM Regulations. In fact, we'd already been supplying a CDM compliant product and service to the events sector for over five years before the introduction of the new regulations!

Water Supply Regulations

It is the duty of event organisers or venue managers installing plumbing systems or water fittings to ensure that they are compliant with Water Supply Regulations. It's important to comply with these regulations in order to ensure that equipment doesn't contaminate the local water supply or use an unnecessary amount of water. Penalties for non-compliance, which are enforced by local water authorities, are severe and can result in an event being closed down.

How can PKL help? We've recently undertaken a complete review of our fleet of catering equipment and temporary kitchens to ensure that they are Water Supply Regulations compliant. We can also advise you on ensuring other elements of your event are compliant.

Who enforces the legislation?

Health and Safety Executive - The HSE has the power to issue spot fines and even stop the build-up and breakdown of an event until safe practices have been put in place.

Fire and Rescue Authorities - Individual authorities have the power to enforce fire safety legislation.

Local Authorities - Local councils, often represented by Environmental Health Officers, have the power to enforce health and safety measures.

Never fear, PKL is here!

Over the last few years, we have dedicated a huge amount of time and resource into ensuring that our product and service complies with all relevant health and safety legislation. We have taken into account advice and guidance published in all the key events health and safety documents, including:

This means you can be confident that from our equipment to our installation service, we comply with all relevant regulations. As with any reputable company, we can, of course, also provide you with hard evidence (certification, forms, and all the official documentation) to prove that we are fully compliant - just ask when you book and we'll be happy to provide you with copies. Asking your suppliers for this kind of evidence is very important, as all suppliers should be able to back up their health and safety claims with the correct documentation.

Need help? If you're worried and need any advice on how to ensure your event complies with these health and safety standards, please just get in touch, as we are experts in this area. We also work with consultants who can provide you with a full health and safety audit for your event.

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